Our Services | 主なサービス

What we do.

Video production Video production

Using cutting edge filming systems and top of the line editing skills, we produce the best videos that are ready to be published online and meet any broadcast requirements.

Creative consulting Creative consulting

We help clients choose the most appropriate way to promote products online, using the right kind of video to get the attention a product deserves.

Social media guidance Social media guidance

Be it YouTube, Facebook, Line, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, we can help your videos get social media attention.

ビデオ制作 ビデオ制作

弊社における 高度デジタル一眼レフカメラと 卓越した編集スキルを組み合わせ、 オンラインやその他ブロードキャストに 必要な最適なビデオを ご提供いたします。

クリエイティブなコンサルティング クリエイティブなコンサルティング


ソーシャルメディアへの誘導 ソーシャルメディアへの誘導

YouTube, Facebook, Line, Instagram, Vine, Snapchatなど、お客様のビデオがあらゆるソーシャルメディアでとりあげらるようお手伝いする事のが可能です。  

Our mission | ミッション

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Our style

Our style

We make videos that audiences want to see. Our experience comes from creating enjoyable YouTube channels and good quality entertainment for hundreds of thousands of viewers – and we deeply believe that the future of advertising and corporate video production lies close to the esthetics of contemporary web video.

Our clients

Our clients

Companies we worked with include: C Channel HBO BBC Huawei Orange Pepsi Tokyo Mosquito Working with clients, we adjust to the requirements of a given product. Sometimes the videos get featured on our own YouTube channels, and sometimes they’re white-label promotional materials. We shoot a big array of styles and genres: action-oriented viral videos, interviews, […]

Featured on Japanese TV

Featured on Japanese TV

Our YouTube channel, TheUwagaPies, was featured on Japanese TV station, NHK, in August 2014. NHK made the above feature to tell a story about our series of documentaries regarding Tokyo, shot between February and April of 2014, and currently viewed over 4 million times by a mainly Polish audience.

Tofu Media is a small, creative team with international experience. We bring YouTube success and narrative to address marketing and video production needs.

Tofu Mediaは国際的な経験を持つ小規模のクリエイティブチーム。YouTubeビデオを成功に導き、

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Team | チーム

Get to know us.

Krzysztof Gonciarz

Video producer with an extensive portfolio of video, blogging, and social media work. His YouTube influence reaches over 600,000 subscribers. Has authored two books: one of them, titled WebShows, being one of the first studies of webvideo as a new medium.

From Poland. Enchanted with Japan.

- Krzysztof Gonciarz
Kasia Mecinski

Head of Business Development and Project Management with previous experience working on creative strategy with Japan’s top international companies. Her experience in the U.S. includes public relations, advertising, marketing, and client relations.

From the United States.

- Kasia Mecinski

Named after a Polish science-fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, our resident robot LEM_01. Watch LEM_01 performing in the video we made for a Polish energy provider to celebrate Polish women’s day.

From Japan.

- LEM_01